About Us

About us

Mission and Vision

Who We Are

Slum Shine is a non-profit organization with an aim and spirit to decrease the poverty with this movement. We are known for motivating slum people towards education for themselves as well as for their next generations.

At our organization, we are working for slum children who used to live on the footpath of Indian urban life. Mostly they are born in the third generation of people living on the footpath. Often they are involved in garbage collection activity. They are earning by collecting garbage only. Our survey report of such 2300 children shows some astonishing fact about that their mentality.

Whenever we asked, “What is your hand is for?" In response, 80 % of children answered that “Our hands are for collecting garbage and eating." We approach this neglected children who are by heart millionaire. We try to change their mindset to make them educated on roadside school. Our school is running at Gulbai Tekra slum near university area of Ahmedabad.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work on the root causes of changing the minds and motivate the people of the slum community. By this movement, we want that every slum people take proper education for themselves and stand tall with a rapidly growing society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a society with No Illiteracy and No Poverty. To create a society in which a person should not judge by their attitude and culture but judge by their adapting ability and hidden skillsets.

Because one person can not create a better society but a group with proper education and skillsets can do this easily.

Our Role

Our role as a non-profit organization to become a bridge of connection between people who are in need of help and people who can provide support, and care services to needy people.

Our Focus

Our goal is to provide a bridge between those who are in need of help and those who can provide care services and support.

Our Logic

Road side education and education sitting on floor and at home is  not an experiment.It’s how people learned to function in the world for centuries And there is no reason to think people today cannot do the same thing. Rather such experiment  has proved to become ladder to reach higher study.

About Founder

Mr. Biren Pandya, founder, Slum Shine organization is an environmental activist and social worker active since last 27 years for the betterment of society and environment.

Mr. Biren Padhya's mission is to save the planet and create a better society to live. From last few years, he is working for children of the slum community. Mr. Padhya helps to provide education to children from the slum community and motivate them to become Independent as well as a well-educated person with hidden skillsets and ability to stand alone in a rapidly growing society.

Nature Conservation History of Mr. Biren Padhya:

1990 to 1992:
Mr. Biren Padhya start movement to stop selling of snipe tailed lizards, birds and small animals like rabbits in local gujari market of Ahmedabad. He filled FIR against the selling of animals and save them.

Between 1992 to 2000 Mr. Padhya started an animal helpline and rescued many animals and birds.

In the year 2000, Mr. Padhya found that Gopalnagar lake, Kalol house of more than 300 Flamingos, Pelicans, Brahmani Ducks, Iranian Geese got dumped to build residential quarters. Mr. Padhya filled PIL against the constructors and fought well. In the end, Mr. Padhya got success and save the home of many birds.

After solving the issue of Gopalnagar lake, Mr. Padhya filled PIL against the state government to form a Wild Life Advisory Board to save animals and their homes. At last, Mr. Padhya got success and state government ordered to form Wild Life Advisory Board.

In the same year 2001, Mr. Padhya worked for saving 12 lakes of Ahmedabad.

2003 to 2007:
Between 2003 to 2007 Mr. Biren Padhya, highlighted in many magazine and newspaper articles about his fight to save the nature and animals.

In the year 2001, Mr. Padhya got "Friends of Earth" award from The Earth Matters Foundation and got nominated for "Sanctuary Asia Award" by Shri Luv Kumar Khachar for nature protection.

In 2005, Mr. Biren Padhya got "People for Animal" card and appointed as "Animal Welfare Board Inspector" by the government.


In 2015, Mr. Biren Padhya got information about unofficial fishing and urbanization in Gujarat's second largest lake. "The Gosabara Lake" this lake is the house of Caspian Tern, Lesser Flamingo and more than 2,00,000 birds and the only place in India known for Dugong, a sea cow. With Mr. Bharat Rugani he filled petition against unauthorized fishing in the lake. Eventually, court-ordered to end fishing in lake and forest department declared Gosabara lake as a bird sanctuary.

In the same year 2015, Mr. Biren Padhya got news about the development of the Lion Safari Park in Dhari(Amreli). Ambardi the place where the lion safari park was going to develop is the main corridor for Asiatic Lion with the highest population of lion. It was dangerous for both lions as well as humans because of disturbance lions are attacking humans, lions are also at risk near human regions. That's why Mr. Padhya filled PIL to stop the development of Ambardi lion safari park. Gujarat High Court and Central Zoo authority ordered and ended the construction of Safari Park.


In the year 2016, A pregnant lioness found dead near Sagodara village. Mr. Biren Padhya wrote a letter to the forest department authorities about the unnatural death of lioness, but no response from officials. So, Mr. Padhya filled PIL and demanded electrification of the lioness to track their movements.

In the same year 2016, Mr. Padhya got information about the construction of windmills at the border of Gir sanctuary near the Piyava village.  This activity also disturbing lions and the population of lion in the border area decreased by understanding the issue Mr. Padhya filled PIL against windmill developers. Gujarat High Court gave stay order to stop construction of windmills near the border of Gir Sanctuary.

In 2017, The state government reduced the Eco Sensitive zone around Gir Sanctuary from 18 Km to 500 Meters to build green carpet area for tourism and hotel industry. This decision was not exceptional for sanctuary animals. So, Mr. Padhya contacted environment minister about this issue but no response from them. Mr. Padhya filled PIL to stop the shrinking of Eco Sensitive Zone around the sanctuary. Finally, High Court ordered to stop the shrinking of Eco Sensitive  Zone.

What We Do?

At Slum Shine, we work for providing motivation and education to children of the slum community. We run a roadside school where we provide regular schooling to slum children.

When we found a child with hidden skillsets and ability to learn we convince their parents and shifts them to the hostel and start their schooling. The reason behind moving them to hostels, our purpose is to maintain that there is no disturbance in their education. We also manage their higher education from top schools.

From the day when our movement begins, we helped approximately 67 slum children for their education. Also, from those children, 22 children are ready to study without convincing them.

We also take care of slum children about making awareness of different amenities used at various types of buildings and areas like shopping malls, airport, etc. We arrange picnics for them at heritage places and also take them to watch movies at theaters. We celebrate festivals with them like Diwali, New Year, Christmas, Holi, etc.


Currently, we are working on slum areas of Ahmedabad to help slum community children. Our roadside schooling is active in below-mentioned areas.

  •  IIM footpath: 13 Children
  •  YMCA club road: 24 Children
  •  Gulbai Tekra road: 27 Children

Our Activities for children of slum community:

  • Picnic for slum community children regularly.
  • Celebration of various festivals with children of the slum community.
  • Skill development classes and crafting work training to enhance their skills.
  • Providing information about government documents like ration card, aadhar card, and other.
  • helpful documents and give information about how to enroll for government documents.
  • We provide medical facilities in case of emergency.


At present our target of slum education to some targeted area

• AT IIM footpath : 13 slum children of Vaghari community

• AT YMCAclub ropada talav rd slum 24 children of godharia community’

• AT Gulbai Tekara : We have 27 slum children of different community

Our Achievenent:

Recently on 19th January Slumshine got grand success by giving admission a slum girl named Anajali Dataniya, Girl aged 5 years living on the footpath of IIM. Livinng road side oife we manage to pur her to admission at VISAO I kids foundation and make her admission to Delhi Public School in English medium. For this we convince their parents for permanent admission of their child at hostel,Our teacher educate andjali on the footpath. Now she has became polished diamond from road side stone of footpath. Many similar cases are their at Slumshine.

Our developmental activities for slum children

  • Arrangement of Picnic every two months
  • Celebration of 6 festival among slum children
  • Skill development road side classes like making mobile cover, mattresses
  • Craft work classes for slum children
  •  Arranging them for ration card.adhaar card and legal norms of citizen
  •  Medical facilities in case of emergencies.

Our Process:

  • Convince slum children for taking education.
  • Start schooling in their areas at the roadside.
  • Arrange admissions for bright students in nearby municipal school.
  • After their primary education completion, we convince their parents and sent them to hostels for higher educations.
  • Arrange regular visits to the hostel for parents.
  • We regularly analyze progress report of the student from school and hostel.
  • From the analysis of their progress report, we select bright students and sent them to the best schools and colleges.

Our major spent on:

  • Schooling, hostel fees, transportation fees, etc.
  • The salary for teachers of roadside classes.
  • The arrangement of picnic and visits to companies, malls, plants, and factories.
  • Festival celebrations with slum children.


Our Proecess of roadside education to higher study is as follows

1. Convincing slum children for education

2. Schooling at foopath near their home

3. Filtering bright slum children and make admission for local municipals school

4. After year of schooling we convince their parents to allow children to study at hostels far away from city.

5. Arranging children parents visit to hostels 6.Admission process to the hostel. with first term fees

6. Our regular visit to the hostel and inspection to their education

7. Selecting bright student form the hostel putting athem to higher education in best school.

Our expenses occurs for

  • Schooling at hostel transportation 
  • Salary of teachers for each class 
  • One day picnic expenses for children  Visit of slum children to Airport,Press,Food factory, Icecream factory.or big shopping mole 
  • Celebration of festival with school children 

Our Future Plan 

  • Arrangement of room instead of roadside education to children in rainy season and hot summer It is frustrating task for our teacher to educate 
  • Purchase of mini van for transporation 
  • To employee another teacher for different slum

Our Future Goals

  • We want to build classrooms to provide better education and schooling in any season without facing any issue.
  • We want to purchase our own mini-van for transportation, visits, and picnic.
  • We want to expand our organization and want to hire more teachers who can provide schooling to more children in different slum areas.